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Online: From Teacher to Trainer

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Price Range £41.25 per week

Price Includes

Beginners Not for beginners

Class Size 16 maximum

Course Length 12 weeks

Town / City & Region , Eastern England

Tuition Style Combination of Group and One to One Tuition

Tuition Hours Per Week 0.0

Ages 18 - 65

Other Information

The move from English language teacher to teacher trainer involves a lot more than a new job title and different learners. There has been much discussion about who should provide teacher education and what it should consist of. One of the problems in defining a knowledge base and a set of skills for teacher educators is the enormous range of situations and types of teacher training course.

ELT teacher trainers may work in universities, in private language schools, in cultural institutes, in adult education or in state schools. The kind of courses they work on include school-teacher training, CELTAs and Deltas, one-off workshops, publisher-sponsored training, TEFL taster courses and courses of various lengths for those who are already teachers.

However, most new teacher trainers begin with a workshop, seminar or very short course and we will concentrate on these shorter teacher education sessions in this online course. We will introduce you to key concepts and principles in the field, provide you with practical assistance in relation to methodology and materials, provide a framework for you to reflect on your role and responsibilities as a teacher trainer within your own working context, and prepare you to make the transition from teacher to teacher trainer.

Course details
This course will cover the following areas:
•    Some fundamental differences between working as a teacher and working as a teacher trainer
•    The role of teacher beliefs, attitudes and behaviour when planning and delivering teacher training
•    The organisation of teacher training sessions into stages, aims, interaction patterns, and trainer and teacher roles
•    Sampling and analysing classroom activities for teacher training purposes
•    Locating materials to integrate into teacher training session plans
•    Establishing guidelines for planning and holding a pre-lesson conference
•    Comparing the uses and limitations of various means of course evaluation
•    Selecting a suitable topic for a teacher training workshop in the participant’s context

This course will extend the participant’s understanding and critical awareness of:
•    The professional discourse of teacher education
•    The kinds of training course they may need or wish to develop and deliver
•    How to adapt a partially relevant training plan to their own situation and context
•    How to build in variety and interest when planning training sessions
•    How to make appropriate choices of methods and materials for teacher workshops and seminars
•    Ways of motivating teachers to use self-evaluation of their teaching as a tool for development
•    How to choose appropriate instruments to evaluate a short course, seminar or workshop in their context
•    How to take appropriate steps in planning the teacher training session

At NILE we are committed to offering the best in language teacher training. As such, we provide tutorial contact in our online courses as well as in our campus courses. Online participants will receive allocated tutor interaction and feedback in each unit they take.
Online courses are broken down into individual units and activities, forming a clear structure. Tasks will be interactive, involving voice chat, forums and community walls, and they will utilize a range of multimedia including images, audio files and videos.

Who should apply
For those teachers with a recognised initial teaching qualification and 1+ year of teaching experience; or extensive teaching experience but no recognised teaching qualification.

How to apply
•    Go to the NILE website at Click on the online course tab and select the course you are interested in.
•    In the Dates & Fees tab, choose which course you would like to attend
•    If you already have a NILE account, sign in on the website
•    If you do not already have a NILE account, register on the website and then sign in
•    Complete the full online enrolment and payment process
•    Once we have received notification of your payment, you will be provided with all necessary pre-course documentation

Your fees should be paid in full prior to starting your course.


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