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Accredited by the British Council
Accredited by the British Council

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International House London
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16 Stukeley Street,
London WC2B 5LQ,
United Kingdom
+44-207-611 2400
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International House London BuildingInternational House London is an established and well-known language school, with over sixty years of experience in providing language courses and teacher training programmes. Based in a spacious, modern campus near Covent Garden, we are a founder member of the International House World Organisation.

International House London welcomes over 8,000 language students from 140 countries each year. Our students enjoy learning in the vibrant and multicultural atmosphere of IH London; making new friends and experiencing the excitement of the city together. So whether you’d like to study a modern language; learn English for business or pleasure, or teach English, we have the course for you.

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