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Accredited by the British Council
Accredited by the British Council

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Carol Hey
Student Services Manager
Burley Hill, Burley Road,
Leeds LS4 2PU,
United Kingdom
+44 (0)113 2883047
Disabled facilities at Burley Road Site
Wheelchair accessible building
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Leeds English Language School

* Over 20 years of Excellent Teaching * Superb Reputation * Individual Attention * Popular Location *

“The Quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners’ achievement is excellent” - 2015 ISI Inspection Report


The BEST British Council Report in Leeds in 2017. We received SEVEN areas of strength, one of which is in relation to our care of students. Our professional support staff love working with international students.


“3 words: Best School Ever!” - Stefano Ziliano

“We are like a family here. Everyone knows each other and the staff are very friendly and supportive” - Hayfa Al

Every student who comes to Leeds English will receive a good English education and will be well looked-after.  This is our guarantee to you.


Popular Location

Our beautiful city is:

  • In the middle of the UK. 2 hours to London, 1 hour to Manchester and 3 hours to Edinburgh

  • 3rd largest city in the United Kingdom

  • “Best place in Britain to live” -Henley Management College ‘Urban Behaviours’ study

  • "Best university destination in the UK" -The Independent newspaper

  • “UK’s most female friendly city” -Future Laboratories ‘Tigra Town’ Research

  • “Visitor city of the year” -The Good Britain Guide

  • “UK’s best shopping destination” -Rough Guide to Britain


We Have:

  • 60-90 students at any one time from 50 different countries.

  • Average class size of 10. A maximum class size of 14.

  • Extra classes provided free for our students (IELTS preparation, speaking club, FCE).

  • Start your course on Monday. Beginners should start near the beginning of term.

  • Large modern classrooms. Kitchens with fridges, microwaves, free tea and coffee. Multi-faith prayer rooms. Chromebooks and free wifi for student use in school. Common rooms with TVs. Self-study facilities, after class with a teacher to help you.

  • A friendly and welcoming student support team who will help you with anything.

  • An academic management team who work around the clock developing courses, syllabus, and teaching materials as well as helping students academically.

  • A designated social activities coordinator, who takes students on trips at weekends and some evenings.


Our courses:

  • Intensive General English (21 hours per week)

  • Intensive IELTS (21 hours per week)


Prices for Students Outside of the EU:

  • £280 per week (for payments of 2 to 12 weeks)

  • £250 per week (for payments of 13 or more weeks)

  • £85 Registration fee


EU Passport Holders and Turkish Students:

  • £175 per week

  • Can study part-time English for 15 hours per week at same prices

  • £85 Registration fee




Homestay Accommodation

  • A cultural experience living in a British home with an individual or a family

  • 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) are provided Monday to Friday. 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at the weekend

  • Shared bathroom and kitchen

  • Approximately 40 minutes travel time (by bus) to the school on average.

  • Free wifi and once per week laundry service

Student Residence Accommodation
Contact us for availability

Find us on social media!

  • Facebook: facebook.com/studyenglishinleeds

  • Instagram: leeds_english

  • Twitter: @leedsenglish

  • YouTube: youtube.com/leedsenglish

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