EF International School of English Manchester

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Accredited by the British Council
Accredited by the British Council

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Hannah Teece
School Director
26 Wilbraham Road, Fallowfield,
Manchester M14 6JX,
United Kingdom
+44 (0)161 225 8919
+44 (0)161 225 7432
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EF International School of English Manchester

Britain's second largest urban area is home to a thriving student population, friendly locals and unrivaled entertainment.

The right school for you

  • The Manchester Aquatic Centre and other great fitness facilities are located close by
  • Outdoor activities such as hiking in the Pennine Hills and group sporting events
  • Convenient to city’s transportation network
  • The school is equipped with WiFi – Wireless Internet

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Top Reasons to choose EF

1. Global experience with a local touch

Benefit from our international know-how – we have offices and schools around the world. With over forty years of experience, EF is the world’s largest private language teaching organisation.

2. Complete learning package

Language learning is a very personal experience. That is why EF developed the EF Efekta™ Language Learning System, which is our full learning package. This package gives you the tools to learn anytime and anywhere. You’ll learn faster and gain lasting results because your course of study is personalised to your needs.

3. Totally international

Thanks to our global network, EF creates an international community of students, hailing from over 100 countries. Together you’ll come from big cities and small villages, speak dozens of languages and represent many cultures and nationalities. One thing you will share is your new common language and the wonderful memories of your course.

4. EF services – every step of the way

Dedicated EF staff take the worry out of study abroad planning. We do everything for you – from arranging every detail from flights and visa assistance to travel and medical insurance. We can also schedule your airport transfer and confirm your preferred accommodation, so you can focus on enjoying your course.

Take a look at our online brochure: www.ef.com/ils/e-brochure/?mc=uk
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