Language & Methodology for Teachers of English - A Blended Approach

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Accommodation Homestay / Hotel

Price Range £335.00 per week

Price Includes

Beginners Not for beginners

Class Size 15 maximum

Course Length 2 weeks

Town / City & Region Scarborough , North of England

Tuition Style Group

Tuition Hours Per Week 30.0

Ages 25 - 65

Course Type Teachers

Other Information

This course is for English teachers who are working in the primary, secondary or tertiary sector. Morning sessions focus on language development where participants gain confidence in using English. The afternoon methodology sessions introduce fresh and communicative approaches to teaching English.


All participants complete a pre-registration form with the following information:

A four week e-learning phase precedes the two week course at Anglolang. This focuses on language, culture and methodology based activities. This part of the course is delivered via the Internet and is conducted at the students’ own pace. A chat room and message board facility enable course participants to meet and share ideas before the classroom based phase of the course begins. E-learning feedback from Anglolang tutors is provided on a one-to-one basis. A profile (including a photo) of each participant and trainer is also provided.

Before arriving in Scarborough, participants receive a local map and details of their accommodation. If this is a homestay provider, details of family members are provided (e.g. occupations & hobbies).


By experiencing a range of practical teaching techniques, participants will expand their own working classroom ideas while refreshing and developing their English language proficiency.

By the end of the course participants will have:



This course uses a wide variety of communicative activities to develop language competence as well as providing practical and creative classroom ideas. Participants will take part in seminars, workshops, lectures, open discussions and a study visit during term time (e.g. a primary school, a secondary school, an FE college or a training and enterprise organization) or a place of cultural interest (non-term time). The exact content of the course is negotiated before and throughout the course to take into account the specific needs and developing interests of each group.

Participants are grouped according to their English level for morning language development sessions and are encouraged to reflect on how they could adapt the activities done in lessons for use in their own classrooms. Afternoon methodology sessions are grouped according to teaching context.

Follow Up

On the final afternoon participants discuss dissemination ideas and complete a course evaluation form. They are given the opportunity to join a mailing list of EU teachers who have participated in previous Anglolang teacher training courses to encourage collaboration and the development of future projects. During this final phase, participants are also asked to share their experiences with project work. The trainers provide key information to encourage participants to begin a project of their own.


Enquire about this Course

Enquire about this Course