Online MA Core Module - Language Teaching Methodology

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Price Range £165.00 per week

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Beginners Not for beginners

Class Size 16 maximum

Course Length 14 weeks

Town / City & Region , Central England

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Ages 18 - 65

Course Type Online

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This module will familiarise you with recent trends in language teaching methodology and their historical antecedents. You will develop an understanding of the main factors which influence language learning, the implications of these factors for teaching and the distinction between acquiring and learning a language. You will carry out small-scale investigations into classroom practices and write language awareness materials for your own learners. Overall, you will develop a clear, practical view of language for teaching purposes and reflect constructively on your own practice. This module carries 60 credits

Course details
This course will cover some or all of the following aspects:
•    Learning styles
•    Learning strategies
•    Theories of motivation
•    Cognition vs affect; left brain and right brain
•    Learning vs acquisition
•    Success and failure in language learning; the ‘Good Language Learner’
•    Basics of 2LA
•    Andragogy vs. pedagogy
•    Language as system vs. language as communication
•    Language as discourse
•    Discourse analysis for teachers
•    Teacher language awareness
•    Learner language
•    Using corpus data
•    History of methods
•    Approaches vs. methods
•    Recent developments, e.g. Task-Based Learning, Lexical Approach, Content and Language Integrated Learning
•    Course book evaluation, adaptation, supplementation
•    Basic principles of materials writing
•    Skills teaching
•    Classroom practices, e.g. use of L1, error correction, classroom dynamics etc.
•    The impact of wider educational theory and other disciplines (e.g. drama, NLP, counselling) on language teaching methods
•    Principles and methods in classroom action research
•    Researching your own practice
•    Professional development and reflective practice
•    Writing for professional and academic purposes
This course will extend the participant’s understanding and critical awareness of:
•    Their own teaching practice with reference to current research, trends and views on language teaching methodology, language learning and language
•    Recent trends in language teaching methodology and their antecedents in the history of language teaching
•    The main factors which influence success and failure in language learning and the implications of these factors for teaching
•    How to work with the distinction between acquiring and learning a language
•    How to gain a clear, practical view of language for teaching purposes
•    How to write language awareness materials for their own learners
•    How to conduct small-scale investigations into classroom practices, learners and their learning
•    How to reflect constructively on their own practice
Assessment will be by three assignments, written after completion of the course and supervised at distance by tutors. The assignments will be on:
•    Views of Learning (40% of total mark)
•    Views of Language (30%)
•    Views of Language Teaching (30%)
Each assignment will involve small-scale investigation of participants’ own practice.
During the course, participants will write and receive feedback on an ungraded formative assignment to help them to get used to the requirements of writing at postgraduate level.

Who should apply
•    You should ideally have a degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline, plus language teaching experience and the level of English needed for successful completion of a course of study at postgraduate level. You may also be considered if you have extensive language teaching experience but few or no formal qualifications.

How to apply
In order to take an MA module, you need to enrol for the MA programme. This does not commit you to taking the entire qualification, and you can pay for each module as you apply for it. Please note that it is usual to start with the core module but do contact the Registrar for advice if necessary.
•    Complete the online application process for the NILE postgraduate program (you will need to include a copy of your CV with your application)
•    The Registrar will then contact you in order to obtain evidence of your qualifications, details of your referees and proof of your English language level (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC etc.)
•    Your application will then be forwarded to the Academic Director for approval
Once your application has been approved, you will be invited to make your first payment online. Once we have received notification of this payment, the Registrar will send you confirmation of your module enrolment, pre-course information and accommodation details, if required.


Enquire about this Course

Enquire about this Course