Online: DELTA Module 2

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Price Range £59.00 per week - £132.50 per week

Price Includes Course fees, 20% VAT and assessment fees

Beginners Not for beginners

Course Length 16 weeks - 36 weeks

Town / City & Region , Central England

Tuition Style Combination of Group and One to One Tuition

Tuition Hours Per Week 0.0

Ages 18 - 65

Course Type Online

Other Information

This is a twelve-week programme designed by you and your personal tutor. The course is intensive and requires full commitment.

In addition to 5 assignments and a diagnostic lesson, you will need to teach 6 lessons as part of Delta Module 2. It is important that you complete the tasks and assignments on time. Given the background work around each lesson, it is important that you space out lessons sensibly, so that you can devote enough time to each of them. This also allows you time for reflection and further development. You will need to put together a work plan at the beginning of the course.

Depending on your teaching situation you have the option of taking the course over 16 weeks (starting in February) or 9 months (starting in March and September).

It is recommended that a DELTA Module 2 candidate should EITHER be a graduate OR have a previous teaching qualification (e.g. CELTA), plus at least TWO years’ full-time teaching experience (i.e. 1,200 hours) within the past five years. Ideally, this teaching experience should include a range of levels and contexts. It is also recommended that the candidate has sucessfully completed Delta Modules 1.

Non-native speaker candidates should have a minimum language level within a range of between C2 and C1 on the Council of Europe scale.

NB: Candidates may still be accepted who do not strictly meet the entry criteria but who demonstrate they would be capable of completing the course successfully. Decisions on entry are at NILE’s discretion.

The course is intensive and requires full commitment. Assignments and tasks are designed to support your course work, aid your understanding of course content, and help you perform better in the examination. It is important that you complete the tasks and assignments on time.

Details of tasks and assignments will be provided at the start of the course.

For Delta Module 2, you will need to complete 5 practical assignments.

These are: The Professional Development Assignment (PDA) This consists of:

Two Language Systems Assignments (LSA): These focus on any two of the following areas: grammar, lexis, phonology, discourse Two Language Skills Assignments (LSA):These focus on one receptive skill (reading or listening) AND one productive skill (speaking or writing) Three of the four LSAs are assessed internally by your Personal Delta Tutor (PDT). The fourth is assessed externally by a visiting assessor. Each LSA is made up of three parts:


Enquire about this Course

Enquire about this Course