Intercultural Awareness in ELT

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Accommodation Homestay / Residence

Price Range £740.00 per week

Price Includes Course Fees, Accommodation and Social Programme

Beginners Not for beginners

Class Size 16 maximum

Course Length 2 weeks

Town / City & Region Norwich , Eastern England

Tuition Style Group

Tuition Hours Per Week 25.0

Ages 18 - 65

Course Type Teachers

Other Information

All of our teacher development courses are eligible for ERASMUS+ funding

Course Overview
Speaking a foreign language is not just about getting the vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation right. When we talk to someone from another culture, while there are similarities between us, we both bring with us differing attitudes, expectations and behaviours that may be surprising.
Physical mobility has increased the communication between people of different cultures, and access to online tools and platforms has not only accelerated this, but broadened and deepened it. Even when physical borders may be difficult to cross, digital media span cultures and continents. As such, it is becoming increasingly important for people to be aware of cultural factors that may affect communication. From this awareness, techniques for dealing with issues can be developed, based on available research, materials and examples of best practice.

Who is the course suitable for?
The course is aimed at ELT professionals who are interested in:


What will the course include?
All course participants receive a pre-course questionnaire, which should be returned prior to the course. This is to ensure that the areas of most relevance to participants are covered.
The course will draw on a wide range of authentic texts and illustrative material (e.g. advertisements, newspapers, literary texts, film and TV) to focus on links between contemporary culture and the English language. Language will be examined as a social and cultural phenomenon. Topics will be drawn from the following:


All NILE’s courses involve a significant element of English language improvement and/or development of language awareness.

How long is the course?
The 50-hour course provision includes intensive tuition by trainers who are experts in the fields of language and intercultural learning, as well as opportunities for reading and research and guest lectures from well-known figures in the field of ELT. Classes are held from Monday to Friday and take place as detailed in the course-specific timetable but always within the hours 0915 – 1715.

What approach is used?


Facilities and resources
NILE course participants have free access to an extensive ELT library and a modern suite of computers with a broadband Internet link. The NILE course venues have a wireless (Wi-Fi) environment. Each course has a Moodle online learning environment where course materials and views of course participants can be shared digitally. This is kept active for at least six months beyond the course so you can keep in touch with fellow course participants.

Enquire about this Course

Enquire about this Course