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Young Learners (Spring and Summer Centres)

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Accommodation Homestay / Residence / Hotel / Self-catering

Price Range £392.50 per week - £785.00 per week

Price Includes

Beginners Beginners Welcome

Course Length 2 weeks - 5 weeks

Town / City & Region London , London

Tuition Style Group

Tuition Hours Per Week 0.0

Ages 8 - 17

Course Type Junior

Other Information

English for young Learners

Young Learners residential spring and summer schools offer English language courses and a wide range of activities to children and teenagers.

Students aged 12 to 17 years old can spend from one to five weeks learning English in England’s historic city of Oxford. While our summer courses in Ellesmere, Shropshire, are available to children of 8 to 17 years old.

Active daily schedules include morning English classes with sporting, cultural and social activities in the afternoon and evening.

Weekly trips are planned to places of interest across the South, North and West of England and Wales.

The focus is on interactive English language learning. Students have plenty of opportunity to meet children of the same age and practise their new English language skills. 

Here at International House London, we provide a safe, nurturing environment where students can relax and feel at home during their stay.

IH Ellesmere summer school

After a fantastic summer in 2015 our latest venue for our Young Learner summer courses is set to grow in 2016. 8 to 17 year olds can now study English at IH Ellesmere, on the border between England and Wales.

Ellesmere College is a highly regarded boarding school, specialising in academic and sporting excellence. The secure campus is surrounded by stunning English countryside and has excellent modern facilities.

Study English at IH Oxford

Spring and summer English language courses take place at St Edward's School in Oxford. St Edward's was founded in 1863 and is one of the UK's most prestigious boarding schools.

The school has well equipped classrooms and a dining hall serving hot and cold food. Sports facilities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an indoor sports hall, playing fields, golf course and tennis courts.

St Edward's historic buildings and private grounds provide a relaxing and safe environment for our students. 

More than an English language school

Our Young Learner spring and summer programmes focus on making the language learning experience fun.

English classes are fast-paced and interactive and students are encouraged to practise their new language skills during sports, cultural and social activities.

Activities range from football, basketball and swimming through to glass painting, drama and shopping. In the evenings student entertainment includes quiz nights, karaoke and fashion shows. 

A fun and intensive way to learn English

Students are immersed in the English language and use it every day. Interacting with other teenagers in real-life situations improves their English communication skills and fluency, and builds confidence in using the language.

Spring programmes:

Summer programmes:


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